The Means of Blogging

Every time I watch American Blogger, I get teary eyed. It is a film that is all about blogging, and talks about women who blog, it actually shares the women who blog. The film inspires me, and that is why I watched it today. My mind was blanking on posts, and after watching American Blogger, my heart filled up more than my mind, and I felt the need to share my blog's story, and what it means to blog. 
It started as a little blog, no followers, no views but my own, but so many ideas, and so much inspiration, that is what kept my blog going. I would blog about everything, my day, my friends, my food, I would crave for content. When I started looking at other blogs, and I learned from them, my post quality got better, and I learned photography tips, my blog overall benefitted. Today, I am so proud of my blog; it has helped me find friends, it has opened opportunities up to me, and it has shown me that a journal, and a diary being kept up really does matter. You can look back on your life, and you can see the stage, or where you were at in your life during that time. I have tried keeping a writing journal, I had a lock on it and I would hide it, I would write about my crushes at that time, or what I did that day, but I had no motivation to write. Everything I was writing was being kept private, yes some things I wanted to be kept private, but other things I wanted to share with everybody. That is why I started my blog, to share things. 
There is a boundary to what I do, and do not share on my blog. I share a lot of things, but I do keep moments and things off my blog because they don't really have a place on my blog, or it is a personal epiphany that I want to keep private. The boundary is a small boundary, I love blogging about most everything, and then some. It is a release for me, my need to write is met with blogging. It puts my words out there, and through the years, I have seen my words help people, or inspire people, and it is such a beautiful circle to be a part of. 
There is depth behind blogging, there are relationships, friendships, and memories that come out of blogging. There are opportunities and experiences that come out of blogging, and it makes blogging all the more fun because there is reason, and meaning to it. I love that my blog earns pageviews, but even if nobody read my blog, I would still write and put my heart into the posts like I do now with a good following. I don't blog for my followers though, I blog for me. I laugh when I read "instructions on starting a blog", I am always curious as to what people are saying about this topic, I laugh because one of the tips on starting a blog is always "write what people want to hear about", on a level, that it true, you want your posts to be engaging because that is the whole point of blogging, to share, but for the most part, you are blogging for yourself. 
I blog for me because I want to look back on my life and see the fun trips I took throughout high school, or later when I get married and have children, I want to look back on my life and see this beautiful mess that I took the time to document. I not only document my life, but my family's. I can go to earlier posts, and see the pictures that I have taken of my cousins, or other family members, and I can see how much they have grown. They can look back on the pictures and see the silly things they did, or see a trip we all took together. They are a big part of my life, and I love sharing that. 
My blog means a lot to me, the beauty behind the blog is such a golden prize that comes with
blogging. It is a sea of inspiration, teaching, learning, giving, and supporting. This blog will be carried out through my whole life, and I am excited to see where it will take me.