The All Natural Face Vegan Gel Eyeliner

A couple of years ago, I was doing a subscrption box called Eco Emi. In this subscrption box, I would receive eco-friendly makeup, food samples, candles, anything eco-friendly that was fun or festive to include in the box. One of the products I received was a sample of The All Natural Face's vegan gel eyeliner.
 At first, I was a little wary about using a gel eyeliner that was so very black, and I was so used to wearing pencil eyeliner, but then I played around with this eyeliner and I immediately fell in love with it! The sample of The All Natural Face's vegan gel eyeliner lasted me two years! Well, I ordered some more back in April, this time getting the full size. I had to share my favorite eyeliner with you all! This is the eyeliner that I use I wear everyday, and I am in love with this eyeliner. 
My favorite part about The All Natural Face's makeup is that their products are vegan and harmful chemical free! I am also a fan of The All Natural Face's vegan eye shadow. I am wearing their color, 'Rose Gold' in the crease of my eye lid.
 I just love their vegan makeup! Not that vegan makeup has any special benefits, other than keeping your pores unclogged, and the fact that you know you aren't putting animal products on your face, I for one am not a fan of slathering animal products on my face. It is shocking at what can be found in cosmetics! You can read an article about the top 13 animal products used in cosmetics here. With The All Natural Face's vegan makeup, I have no worries. This is why I love The All Natural Face! I will always be a loyal customer. 


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