T's Tonics Sun & Skin Soother

When I was on my way home from Sunriver, we stopped by this small town of Sisters, Oregon. It is a cute town full of lovely shops, and delicious places to eat. While we were there, the Sisters Farmer's Market was there, and so we browsed through the vendors. I came across this lovely vendor, the sign said "T's Tonics" and some of the products caught my eye. There was a product called Hair Tea, and Sun & Skin Soother. The vendor was not there when I first arrived at her booth, but she came shortly, carrying a jug of what was absolutely delicious chilled tea. I asked the woman, "Are you T?" And she said that she was T. T of T's Tonics. I sampled that delicious tea, and noticed she had a plethora of loose teas in bags. I wanted to purchase everything she had for sale! I love tea based and oil based products. I sampled her Sun & Skin Soother on my sun-kissed arm and I immediately loved the product. 
So I bought some! I love the smell of the Sun & Skin Soother, and I love how quickly it absorbs. I had a little burn on my shoulder from Sunriver, so when I got home, I sprayed my new tonic on my shoulder, rubbed it in, and I did that for a couple of days. My sun burn has not blistered even the tiniest bit! I love it! This can also be used as a natural substitute for sunscreen. With the ingredient of myrrh included into this fabulous product, it can be used as a natural sunscreen. The myrrh essential oil protects against the harmful UV, and it has been said that myrrh essential oil or just myrrh was used by the Egyptians and Arabians to protect their skin from the sun, and to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. I have been using the Sun & Skin Soother every morning and ever night after I wash my face. I use it under my moisturizer, and after a week of using it, my skin glows! 
I did not airbrush my skin. I never air brush my photos. 
I love the way my skin feels when I use the Sun & Skin Soother. The Sun & Skin Soother also contains grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is great for helping clear up blemishes! I had a grapseed oil gel mask from Queen Helene once, and it helped clear up my skin issues. Grapeseed oil also absorbs quickly, and it is rich in vitamin E and omegas, this is why the blemishes are healed because of the repairing properties in the grapeseed oil. 
I also love the way it makes my skin look! It just looks smoother when I put on the Sun & Skin Soother. Along with the grapseed oil, there is lavender oil which helps take care of numerous skin issues. I am a big fan of lavender essential oil! I sometimes put just a few drops in my face wash when I need a little extra oomf to help take care of some blemishes I may have. There are just so many benefits to the Sun & Skin Soother! With the included ingredient of lemongrass essential oil, it can be used as a natural bug repellant. Also, the Sun & Skin Soother contains Elemi Oil, also used by the Ancient Egyptians and Arabians for embalming. Eep! I know that's creepy, but Elemi oil is also used to help heal scars, acne, and to help prevent wrinkles, as well as relieving muscle and nerve pains! The Sun & Skin Soother is seriously the all-around heal-all, cure-all. 
The Sun & Skin Soother also has regenerating, rejuvenating, healing, anti-aging properties within the ingredients used. I seriously love this stuff! My mom had a sunburn on her neck, and I suggested that she use a spritz of my Sun & Skin Soother on her sun burn, and she said that it felt much better. She has been using it on her face as well, and she loves how easily it absorbs, and how easy it is to put her makeup on over it. What I love is that it has natural UV ray protection, and all of the ways it will help my skin. 
This is seriously such a great product! I will be purchasing my products from T and her Tonics. 


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