Stray Photos from Sunriver Trip

Sunriver was such a fun trip! I can not wait to come back and enjoy Sunriver again. The house we stayed in is the house that we frequent. I have a lot of memories in that house, the throwing of stuffed animals off of the open hallway of the stairs, and my Great-Grandma Kirby making coffee in her long, emerald green bath robe. A lot of memories in that house. Sunriver holds a lot of memories all together. One of these days, my family has to sit down and write down all of the homes we have stayed in. The next time I go to Sunriver, I want to take a picture of all of the homes we have stayed in. It is fun to go around to all of the houses we stayed in and talk about the things we remember in the different houses. On our way home from this Sunriver trip, we stopped in a little town called Sister's, Oregon. We always have a good time looking around there too. Oregon houses a lot of places that I hold near and dear to my heart.