I think my anxiety is finally slowing down for now. I don't feel as stressed out as I have spent the whole Summer. I am getting ready to register for classes at the local community college, and I don't feel anxious about that. It is certainly a step from what I was feeling last week for certain. I am feeling better about this term because I have been talking to some people that I know, and they are going to the same community college. It is a really good school, plus the fact that it is local, and the classes are smaller, and the prices for classes are great. I have been at peace because I know next term, I will be in the place I want to be. 
In other news, I got to babysit my cousin's little 3 month old baby last Friday. Little Winnie has stolen my heart from the moment she was born. I love her so. I hope to babysit her again soon. I miss her sweet face. 
It is that time of my life where most of my close friends are leaving the state for college, making new lives for themselves. It's sad seeing them go, but exciting because I know they will gain new experiences, and meet new people, and create such fun memories. In January, that will be me. I am excited to move and gain new experiences, but for now, I will just enjoy my time in Oregon. 
Today I had to say "good bye" to one of my bestest friends. I just started getting to know her this year, and it is so sad to see her leave. I know she is going to have a blast though! Going to miss you, Morgan. We will hang out at Thanksgiving. 
I also started babysitting for a new family. I have to say it is a way better babysitting experience with this newer family. The family I used to nanny for was not a good match for me, I had to get out of that job. This new family is wonderful, and they have the sweetest children. It is a great match for me, and it isn't overwhelming like the other family I was nannying for. To add, this new family's dog is pretty sweet. The first time I babysat for this family, the little boy and I were playing with his toy rockets, and their dog comes over to me, and lays down, resting her head on my leg. It was pretty sweet, and I freaked out a little inside because I am really pet deprived. 
I know that my stress level has decreased because my skin is looking better, and my stomach doesn't feel so tense anymore. Things are going well. 

Anyway, have a happy Monday folks.