Kimono Mojo Outfit Love

I am loving the kimono trend lately! Kimonos can dress up a simple, Summer outfit, and make it look fun and festive. The pattern on the kimono is just so pretty and the fringe on the edges is fun and makes it playful. The kimono is super comfy, and actually blocks a chill. So, the kimono is stylish, pretty, and practical. The bracelet that I am wearing is also stylish, pretty, and practical. Some people say that magnetic jewelry is a scam, some people say it works and actually has some therapeutic benefits. I don't know who to believe, so I am going to conduct some of my own research and I will do a separate post about what I will find. Even if it does not offer therapeutic benefits, it is still cute and simple to style. I bought the bracelet in Sisters, Oregon from a cute, little boutique that I have adored for several years. I am so sad that they are going out of business, but fortunately, they will continue their business through an online store and a blog of their own. As you can see, I switched up the scenery a bit from my backyard fence to some greenery up at Wahkeena Falls. We went there for a little barbecue and spent the day up there. It was a lovely day to spend with family. 

Kimono: Sheinside (similar here
Bracelet: Abigail's On Main
Shorts: AE Outfitters
Shirt: Papaya
Shoes: Nectar Clothing (similar here)