Favorite Pins Of The Week

The Pinterest app is probably my favorite pass-time app, or time-wasting app, however you want to put it. I picked out my favorite pins that I pinned throughout the week. It sounds silly saying that my Pinterest feed had a better selection than last week, but it is the truth. I felt that the people I follow pinned better things this week, so I could find and pin some great things.
1.) Donkey with a Floral Crown. I have a weak spot for animals wearing floral collars or floral crowns. I find it adorable, and whimsical. It would be so much fun to do a photo shoot with animals wearing floral crowns or floral collars. They are the epitome of happiness. 
You can find the pin here
2.) Three Stone Ring. I saw this ring, and I could not stop staring at it. It is such a unique piece, and the colors are mesmerizing. It would be such a fun, everyday ring. 
You can find the pin here
3.) Inbal Dror Wedding Dress. How beautiful is this dress? It is absolutely gorgeous, unique, and I am considering it for my future big day. I love how flowy it is in the skirt, and how sparkly it is in the bodice. 
You can find the pin here
4.) White Birkenstocks. I see them everywhere, and I love them! So now, I want a pair of gold ones, and white ones. The white Birkenstocks just look so fresh and neutral. 
You can find the pin here
5.) We The Free Striped Sunset Park Thermal. I love long sleeved, striped shirts, and I love Free People clothing! This shirt looks so comfy! I have a shirt similar to this, but instead of it being navy and white, it is black and white. I definitely want this shirt for Winter. 
You can find this pin here

I hope you enjoyed my pin picks, and have a wonderful, and relaxing Labor Day! 


  1. I wish I had a donkey! If I had one, I would definitely make her a floral crown.

  2. Nothing is better then spending hours and hours on pinterest!! That donkey is so cute OMG!
    xo ClassToCloset

    1. I know! The soft ears are what gets to me. *heart eyed emoji* aw!


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