Favorite Pins of the Week

Pinterest can very addicting, but it can also be very helpful and inspiring. I pinterest more at night when the business of the day is dying down, and now the word Pinterest can be used to address the digital, massive, bulletin board, and it can be used as a verb to for pinning to the digital, massive, bulletin board. I didn't "pinterest" a lot this week, so picking my favorite pins was a little tricky. I scrolled through and picked out the ones that stood out to me the first time I saw them. 
1.) Bra Off. Hair Up. Sweats On. I saw this, and pinned this into my "Positives" board. At the end of the day, I go through this same exact ritual every night. It is a relaxing routine, and totally defines me. 
You can find the pin here

2.) Ecote Side Overlap Boot. I am really into booties. These are such little shoes, and they are perfect for the transition into fall from Summer. I need to find me a pair of these booties, and sport them for this tansition into Fall. They are so cute, and so fun! 
You can find the pin here.

3.) Brand Spankin New onesie. Oh my goodness! This baby is adorable, and I love that bow band on her head. It isn't too frilly, but it is total baby hipster and so cute! I swoon when I see this pin. It is perfect. 
You can find the pin here.

4.) BDG Denim Dolman Shift Dress. This would be something new for me. It looks like a thin, denim material. I have never been into the denim skirts or denim dresses, but this is really cute and I could totally see myself wearing this dress. This would be another great Summer to Fall transition outfit. 
You can find the pin here.

5.) Kissing Sparkle Bear cake. I love bears, and I love the whole "mama bear, papa bear" thing. I also love metalic looking frosting, making the cake gold. I love that! I have so many ideas for a wedding cake for later, but I so like this idea. 
You can find the pin here

I hope you enjoyed my favorite pins, and have a happy Sunday! 


  1. Great Pinterest finds! I absolutely love those adorable booties.
    Where to find me: www.thegirlwithglasses.com

    1. I know! Aren't they super cute? So fun! I will check your blog out!


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