Favorite Pins from the Week

I started this "Favorite Pins" post last week, and I liked it! So, I am doing another favorite pins post this week with some modifications. This time, I am going to commentate a little bit on each pin, and explain  why it caught my eye, and if I actually attempted it or how it inspired me. 
1.) Metalic Birkenstocks. (Heart eyed emoji) I recently bought my first pair of Birkenstocks, and the next pair I buy, I definitely want the straps in metalic gold. They look so fun, yet simple. They add a little bit of glitzy to grunge, and I have to get my feet in a pair of these metalic Birkenstocks. SOON! Or a next-Summer purchase maybe? I need to start focusing on a fall wardrobe here pretty soon. Visit the pin here

2.) Couch & Coffee Table. I love this simple living room look. A simple, gray sofa with a wood plank table. It looks amazing, and the addition of color is what caught my eye. The colorful, patterned throw pillows and the table top books help pull this living room look together. I definitely am going to use this as a template for when I get my own place. Visit the pin here

3.) Coffee Boba Tea. I have a little bit of a bubble tea addiction. Coffee bubble tea is my absolute favorite! I just bought some boba today off of Amazon, and I cannot wait to make a coffee boba tea, or a green milk tea boba tea. I am very excited! Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water for bubble tea. <3 Visit the pin here

4.) Amber Fillerup Clark Hair Style. I actually spent several hours yesterday attempting this hair style. Amber makes the French fishtail braid look so easy! Instead of doing the French fishtail after the Dutch braid, I just did another Dutch braid, making it a double Dutch braid and then a messy bun. I did that hair style for a style post that I did yesterday. You can visit the post here, and visit the pin here

5.) A Secluded Yurt in the Woods. I love staying in yurts! I went on a beach trip when I was in middle school, and we stayed in yurts. It was a blast because in a way, you are in a tent and a cabin together. I love that! I would love to stay in a yurt again, It would be awesome! Visit the pin here

Hope you enjoy my favorite pins! Visit my pinterest profile by clicking on my pinterest widget on my side bar <---. 


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