Essential Oils: Beginning My Journey

Tonight was the first ever essential oils class that I have ever "attended". My favorite blogger, Casey Wiegand conducted an online class this evening with Kristen Rae Critz regarding essential oils. Since it is back-to-school time, it is a good idea to take precaution and protect yourself and your kiddos from the germs that float about. Yes, there are traditional ways to prevent germs from spreading, but essential oils is a natural and holistic way of keeping healthy on the same level of happy. 
Needless to say, my preparation and the different colors of pens that I laid out screams that I was very excited for the class. I have been looking forward to it all day, it was absolutely wonderful. I have been interested in essential oils for four years now. I was probably the only freshmen in high school that researched essential oils, used essential oils, and took extensive notes on essential oils. I have always been interested in holistic and natural medicine, and now that I am entering the adult years, I think I will have more uses and more means for essential oils. 
The class was very informative, inspirational, and all-around very interesting. Casey and Kristen presented some oil blends that can help with preventing the flu, aid in concentration, and blends to help with tummy issues. (The sound of angels singing) 
I was really interested in the concentration blends. Since I have had quite the heavy dose of anxiety this Summer, I am really interested in purchasing Young Living's oil: Valor. Valor calms anxiety to promote a more focused mind. Valor is on my list of oils to purchase, along with thieves oil, thieves spray, and basically everything that was mentioned in the class this evening. I will have to acquire the oils over time, but I am really so excited for this journey with essential oils. 
Casey and Kristen spoke of other products that Young Living has. I was really interested in Ningxia Red, a blend of fruits and veggies that contain so many good vitamins and antioxidants. It helps with focus as well, and Casey said that it helped take care of the sugar cravings, and it is a great replacement for coffee. I am a total coffee drinker, not for caffeine, but for the taste, I do however feel that caffeine stimulates my mind more than my body; what I mean by mind stimulating, I mean it makes me anxious, it makes me worry, it just has a bad effect on my body. Caffeine doesn't give me energy, whereas the Ningxia Red drink from Young Living would give me a boost of energy. That is awesome! Pulling natural energy from fruits and veggies makes me feel so good about this. 
I have written down a list of items to purchase in the very near future to help get me started with essential oils. I am very excited to begin this essential oil journey, and I am looking forward to more classes put on by Casey. 

Here are a few sites to visit, including Casey's blog & Casey's essential oil Facebook page. She has a ton of information regarding essential oils, and if you are truly interested in beginning the essential oil journey, or if you have any questions, she has the answers. 


  1. You are the sweetest thing!!! I LOVE that you loved the class tonight!! I feel famous now that you've blogged about it!!

    1. It is so sweet that you feel that way. My blog isn't that famous yet. It's getting there though! Yes! I love, love, loved the class! I can't wait for more information on essential oils.

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