Confidence & Outfit Love

Confidence is kind of like a building block to bravery. I used to be very private with my blog posts, I would take pictures only at home because I was afraid of what people would think of me if I took pictures in restauarnts or shops. As the months went by, and I kept blogging, I was less and less afraid of what people thought. Who cares if I am taking pictures of my coffee? Who cares if I take pictures of my food? Why should I care? Now that I have been blogging for three years, my confidence has grown, and improved. I take pictures everywhere without a thought, and I blog with confidence. Last night, I went to Target and did a photo shoot in the parking lot with the sun setting. The people parking their cars, or entering the parking lot were all staring at me, but I just smiled at them and kept modeling. It is the way to go, just be confident, and smile because it doesn't matter what strangers think. I had fun taking pictures during the sunset in the Target parking lot. That is what matters. So, my advice to newer bloggers: just blog with confidence, and make your posts how you want them to be. 
Top: Go Jane
Skirt: Windsor
Necklace: Gift (similar one here)
Under top: Aerie (similar here


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