Sunriver Day 3

This morning, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Old, New, & The Wee One Too. I was inspired and motivated, and it reminded me that blogging really is important to me. I will talk about this more in another post. Latonya's post also reminded me to enjoy the moment I am in, and not source everything around blogging. Today on my bike ride, I mostly just lived in the moment without getting my phone out, and snapping pictures of everything I saw. I did snap pictures in some spots, but I just took the scenery in, and spent time doing a fun activity with my family. Latonya's post was a great reminder. Anyway, this morning I went on a coffee and doughnut run to Hot Lava Bakery here in Sunriver. I took everyone's orders and my mom went with me to help carry the beverages. 
I got a sprinkle ring doughnut, and an iced cocoa mocha. It was a great breakfast, and later I worked off that doughnut on our bike ride. 
Today was also my parents' last day here. My mom has work the rest of this week, and my dad is still recovering from his knee surgery. They wanted to bring some food home with them in the coolers, so we went on a walk to Sunriver's North store to grab up ice and a few other things. The morning walk to the market was nice, except for the brief interruption of peace with the wood chipper in the middle of the pathway, but that is alright still. Just the Sunriver work crew beautifying the landscape or protecting the guests from a potential falling tree. 
After my mom and I got back from the market, it was then time for my parents to head out. I will see them on Friday when I go home. I just got a text from them saying they made it back safely and that the fish is fine, and still alive. Yay! Incase you did not know, we have a baby beta fish in our family now. He is pretty cute, and not shy at all. I'm glad they are home safe. Shortly after my parents left for home, we went on a long bike ride. We rode to the Marina, by the stables, up to the Lodge, by the river, seems like we peddled all over Sunriver. We saw rafters, and kayakers, and stand-paddle boards while we biked on the trail parallel to river. It was hot outside during our bike ride, so looking on at the rafters on the river made me a bit jealous. I just need to buy a good river tube and lounge on the river. It sounds perfect for the hotter weather. 
During the start of our bike ride, we took a little detour due to the sighting of a mama deer. Isabelle actually spotted the deer, she has a good eye! It was so funny what she said, "I saw some ears, and thought what are those ears doing there?" Little Isabelle is 6 years old, and very clever. Good find, Isabelle! I didn't snap a picture then, I exercised 'enjoy the moment'. Also during our bike ride, we stopped at the Marina. I wanted to check the prices on rafting...much too expensive! That is why I need to buy my own river tube, that would be a blast! At the Marina, they had a snowcone cart and a little flavor station off to the side. We got snowcones, and Isabelle and I got the same flavor of lime. The snowcone was the perfect, unexpected, bike riding treat to cool off with, and a good excuse to take a break. 
On our way back to the house, we cut through the trails by the Lodge. At the Lodge, there is a perfect view of Mt. Bachelor. Right by Mt. Bachelor, there was a batch of streaked clouds. I love the look of rain pouring out of clouds from afar. It is a beautiful sight! But, it was an alarming sight when we saw the giant lightning bolt strike out of the sky right next to Mt. Bachelor. We were peddling in that direction, and it made me a bit nervous to go near where the lightning was, but all was well. 
When we got home, the clouds were hovering over us and the air became cooler. During our bike ride, there were intense blasts of heat, so the cool breeze at the end of the trip was perfect. We were also starting to hear thunder, so the lightning was moving to the house we are staying at. I took a shower after the bike ride, and during my shower, I could hear and feel the thunder shake the house a bit. Crazy Central Oregon weather. 

Before dinner, we went on a walk to the Mavericks of Sunriver. The Mavericks is an indoor swimming pool, workout center, rock climbing, and rec center of Sunriver. Since we are with Sunset Realty, we have a keychain pass, each person in the household can go for free, multiple times during the vacation. We are going swimming there tomorrow, and I am actually really excited! Normally, I am not up for public pools, but I am really excited to go to Mavericks! So we went there to check it out, and as we were leaving, Raelyn wanted to hold my hand on the way out. She held my hand the whole way home, and she was being so cute (for the moment). I had to document that she actually wanted to be with me, because that is rare! 
After dinner, the little girls went in the hot tub, and dinner was being cleaned up. I wanted to go on a night walk! That is a sunriver tradition! We have been here three nights already, and no night walk yet. Well, I spoke up and my Grandma agreed. She had the same thought of going on a night walk. So it was settled. As we were waiting for night to arrive, the sky had a beautiful sunset! It tinted the outside a beautiful orange/yellow color. Everything was glowing! 
When darkness covered the sky, we headed out! 
On our walk, we saw glowing deer eyes as they crossed the path. I did end up getting a good picture of them, but it sort of pixely since I had to zoom up and the only light was from a flash light. I made the photo smaller so it wouldn't be so pixelated. 
We ended our evening walk with dancing across the street. My Grandma said that when she came into light from out of darkness, she felt vulnerable, and so we danced across the empty street with the street light as our spot light. Another good day in Sunriver. This vacation is going by so fast!