Sunriver Day 1

One trip after another! Yes, this past week was full of busy days and excitement! Yesterday, we drove four hours to our favorite, family vacation spot- Sunriver Resort in Oregon. My family has been coming here close to 20 years, and almost every year, give or take a few years in between there, we have enjoyed the attractions and scenery that Sunriver has to offer, and of course we have created a few traditions within this tradition of a vacation. 
I started the morning with yet, another leaky, broken French press, delicious coffee, and the Zedd station on Pandora. It was a pretty relaxing morning. Mom, Brittney, and I played the 10,000 dice game, and my Grandpa said that they had spotted a baby deer. Another Sunriver novelty, searching for deer. This little guy had his spots still on him. 
The day was mostly overcast, we were still inching our way into our vacation. My aunt and uncle came in today instead of yesterday, so while we were waiting for them to arrive, we drove into the Village. The Village is the heart of Sunriver. It is where most of the shops are, and where some of the best ice cream can be found.
The cutest little candy and ice cream shop has been in Sunriver since I can remember. Goody's is our favorite. We have been going to Goody's for the same amount of time that we have been coming to Sunriver! When my sister and I were little, we would get a stuffed animal from Goody's every year, and I would take home the stuffed animal, and it would smell like homemade sugar cones, ice cream, candy, it would have such a sweet smell from being in the shop. I remember being disappointed on the days the smell would wear away. 
But, since we are no longer children, a simple ice cream will suffice. 
There are many cute shops in the village at Sunriver, including this toy shop. It is always fun to look in at Tumbleweed Toys. They always have fascinating toys in stock. I walked around one of the aisles of the toy shop, and found my little cousin, Raelyn playing with rubber snakes. I did not know that she was interested in snakes, and she still may not be too interested in Snakes, but she was sitting on the floor and playing with the snakes. It was a little out of character for her, and very cute, so I had to snap it. 
We browsed through the village a bit more before going home. We didn't stay at the village too long because my aunt and uncle would be arriving soon, and it was getting close to dinner. We came home and relaxed, welcomed my aunt and uncle and helped them unpack a bit, and then waited for fajitas while watching Toy Story. The little girls, Brittney, and I all went hot tubbing after dinner. There is hardly any light pollution in Sunriver, so it is easy to see the billions of stars while relaxing in the hot tub at night. 
It was a good day here in Sunriver, Oregon. I am pretty wiped out, so I am going to turn in. Night ya'll.