Photos From Seattle Day Trip Part 3

We navigated through Pike's Market, saw the fish toss, and ate delicious treats from vendors at the market. We decided to move on to the Space Needle, we were on crunch time to see the next site and to make it home before dark. 
Morgan and I found a place to park, every parking lot is expensive! We parked just a little ways away from the Space Needle, so we had to walk just a jaunt to see it up close. 
We went across the street to get better pictures. The Space Needle is so huge, we had to go across the street to get the whole structure in the photo. We would crouch down low to get each other's pictures. Well, Morgan had a different idea. She actually laid down on the ground to get my picture. Brilliant? I think so. 
Too funny! After the mini photo shoot, we walked across the street and walked around under the Space Needle. If you are unfamiliar with Seattle, or the Space Needle, there are various museums under and near the Space Needle. Like the Blown Glass museum, and the arboretum. They all had gates around them, so we could hardly see some of the outside exhibits.
We went inside the gift shop of the Space Needle, and of course everything is EXPENSIVE! I widened my eye quite a bit looking at the prices of just small key chains! Expensive! But, I didn't need a souvenier, I have my pictures and I spent my spending limit that I had set for myself at Pike's Market. 
Our day trip to Seattle was such a great adventure! I loved hanging out with Morgan, going to B.H.E, and then driving to Seattle. Such a fun place to go, and see. We left with Safeco Field bidding us ado. We drove out of Seattle, back onto the freeway, and got home safely! What a fun trip! We definitely need to go on this adventure again!