Photos From Seattle Day Trip Part 1

My friend Morgan and I decided to go on a day trip up to Port Orchard, Washinton and Seattle Washinton. Our first trip was to a coffee shop up in Port Orchard. Morgan told me about this coffee shop while we were still in school, and we made plans to go up there just to pay a visit to this small, bayside town coffee shop. To start our journey, I took a "selfie". 
Now, don't judge. The coffee shop's name is Banana Hammocks Espresso. Here in Oregon, we have something called Bikini Baristas. Girls wear bikinis, they stand in a little coffee cart all day making coffee. Well, Banana Hammocks Espresso is hunky guys covered in tattoos, making coffee, and flirting with their customers. B.H.E has some great service, and AMAZING coffee! So worth the three hour drive! 
The coffee shop was one of the main attractions of the trip. Then, we were off to Seattle! 
At Pike's Place, their restrooms were marked "men" and "women's" restrooms, but on the floor of the restroom entrances, they had the male and female chromosomes-- XY XX. As medical people, Morgan and I were intrigued by this creative way to mark the restrooms. 
The rest of the market was buzzing with activity and noise! It was quite an adventure! 
There was this woman who was a living statue. She spray painted herself in gold paint, painted her dress, her face, her hair, and people take pictures with her, and she is so graceful with her movements, it is beautifully creepy. She was right outside the market. 
And of course we saw the fish toss. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the fish toss, but I have it in my head. 
I will continue the trip in the next posts. With 30 photos, I will need a few posts to get this blogged. I know, all of this for a day trip! It was a very fun day trip! 


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