July 4th 2014

A memorable July 4th at Sunset Beach State Park. My mom, dad, and I went Brittney-less to the beach for the Fourth of July. We didn't bring wood, we brought a ton of food, scrumptious treats, and an spirit for fun. Whenever we go to the beach, we always find a huge base log to start our fire. That is the first venture we do when we get to the beach. The drive up was long, it was pretty backed up and moving sluggishly on the highway. We finally arrived in Seaside, and cut through all of the traffic on the main road that goes through Seaside. We took back roads to Sunset Beach State Park. It is the big beach that is right next door to Seaside. 
When we arrived, it was packed! It was packed at the beach entrance. People don't like to venture too far, I guess. We drove down a ways and found the perfect spot, of course there was a big log near our area. My dad rolled it to where we were going to set up the fire, while my mom and I went to go hunt for wood. It is a tradition with us, it really becomes addictinng searching for wood. You see a piece under the sand, and you pull it up, and it becomes this huge piece that you were not expecting. It really does become addicting. Our mindset is- "Must have all the wood.". 

There was this one piece of wood. It was as long as a smaller tree, and I saw my mom trying to dig it out, so I went over to help her. We dug, and scraped the sand, and I tugged on the tree, and it would not come out of the sand. While we were trying to get this tree out of the sand, I broke off another large piece from another tree, I pulled out another log, and uprooted something else. My dad finally came over to where we were, and he just pulled it out, well we loosened it for him. We were very determined. It was wonderful, there were these peope driving up and down the beach with their trucks and trailers, selling firewood. What a genius idea. Perfect!
The log that my mom is pointing to is the log that we dug around, and that my dad pulled out. it is the front one. 
This is where we found it.
I made my fruit pizza in our trunk, and my dad started the fire. We lost four Hebrew National hot dogs in the fire, we were a bit baffled about that, but it was successful when we figured out a new way of roasting hot dogs. We also made hamburgers on the fire. I love cooking outside, whether it be the Gorge, or the beach. That is what we like to do, make a fire, and cook on it. 
Seaside was so hazy from all the smoke and fireworks. Seaside put on a huge fireworks display, and they even sent up lanterns. It was pretty to see. They were too far away to take pictures of, but  I am glad that I got to see them. 
Yesterday was a memorable day, but I missed my sister being there. We witnessed some crazy, idiot drivers on the way home, but we arrived home safely. It was a lovely day, nonetheless. 
Here are some more pictures from yesterday.