Coco Donuts PDX

I am pretty sure that these doughnuts from Coco Donuts are the very best doughnuts that I have ever had. For months now, I have been wanting to go there and try a donut or two. I first found out about it when I was researching donut places for my birthday. Instead of a cake, I had doughnuts. I went a little untraditional. I chose Coco Donuts to be the place where we would get my doughnuts, and long story short, my birthday celebration took place on a Sunday, and the location we went to was not open on Sundays. Needless to say, I was very bummed out. So, I have been trying to get to Coco Donuts ever since, and something always prevents me from going, but on Thursday, I did finally get to go! 
It is such a cute place! Very clean, tidy, and modern looking with a little bit of a rustic feel with the barn door leaning up against the wall. I went to the Broadway location of Coco Donuts and was greeted with a smile. I was the only customer in there, so my order was given full attention. I asked what each of the donuts were, and the lavender cake doughnut was something different for me. I ordered a lavender cake doughnut and an old fashioned doughnut with maple frosting. They have coffee there too, so I had to try their coffee. Both coffee and doughnuts were spectacular! The lavender doughnut especially! That is my new favorite. Oh my! So delicious.
I am definitely coming back, and bringing friends!