Blog Frog & Bloglovin

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This is for my new Bloglovin page! All the kinks have hopefully been ironed out. The staff at Bloglovin are more than willing to help you find your blog, and fix the bugs that come technical things. I am so excited to get back with Bloglovin. I really enjoy using bBloglovin, and my posts are all up to date! With the old blog address, my RSS feed had a broken code, and Linda at Bloglovin helped correct that. I was missing more than year's worth of posts, and it really bummed me out. The posts just were not updating. But yay for the staff! I am so excited. :)

Oh! And I found this frog yesterday while watering some friend's plants while they are out of town. I was watering a flower pot and this little guy jumped out. He's kind of precious. *swoon*. 

I know this photo looks weird, but it was where hewanted to sit and I took all I could get without him jumping away.