...And A Lot of Coffee

I haven't posted in almost a week, breaking my "post-everyday-of-the-week-and-on" streak. I ran out of content to blog about, plus I have been busy with my new nanny job, and life in general. I am preparing for a few road trips this week, beginning with on Thursday, a road trip up to Seattle with my friend, Morgan. There is a coffee shop up there that we want to check out. I will do a post about it probably Friday or Saturday. Then, on Saturday, my family is heading on over to Sunriver Resort right here in Oregon. Sunriver is our family's vacation spot, it has been that way for years and years. The Sunriver tradition started when I was two years old, and we have been going ever since. It is a fun place. I am becoming anxious about the trip there, I get motion sick easy. I don't want to be miserable the whole car ride up there, so I am going to research motion sickness pills to see which one works the best. 

I have been lacking in style posts lately too, well those are coming up soon. I bought a tripod recently, and I am waiting for it to arrive. With all of my style posts, I use a timer camera app to take the photos, and I stack books up, boxes, and a fold-out table to set my camera up on. That was too much to carry around, and I could never do different locations for my style posts! I did not want to haul around all of that just for pictures. See, most bloggers have people to take their pictures for their style posts, I don't have people around me who are willing to do it. My camera is loyal and true to me, so I have it take the photos. I was also running out of outfit ideas to share, so I have been buying little pieces to add to my wardrobe to dress up or accessorize. I still don't have more handbags, but I am still a beginner style blogger, and I am filling up my closet with fun pieces for me to show off later. I have a few more pieces on my list that I want to grab up, but that will happen after my Sunriver trip. 

I need to start focusing on college stuff again. It stresses me out, and makes me uneasy to think about, but it has to be done. So, Inam going to take a deep breath and dive into registering for classes, accepting the aid, and begin life as a college student. *breathe*

On Saturday, after I nannied, my parents and I went out to Sandy,OR and we went to Tollgate Inn for a late lunch, stuffed our mouths with rich, heavy food, then drove up the street to Joe's Donut Shop. The little red and white checkered building gets a lot of attention. Their doughnuts are the best! And the shop is so fun, and cute. They have huge maple bars, and they have the best coffee. I love venturing into Sandy and grabbing a Joe's doughnut from Joe's Donuts. It was the highlight of my Saturday. 
I am learning more about blogging, and different techniques. I am going to start applying my newfound knowledge to my posts. I am so excited to improve my blogging style, and my blog in general, ready to move up in the blogging world! It is about time. That is what I have been up to. Working, researching, shopping, relaxing, and a lot of coffee.