A Visit to Trout Creek Bible Camp

Yesterday, I went to go visit my sister at Trout Creek Bible Camp. My sister, Brittney is working there for the summer in the kitchen on Kitchen Crew. She has a nickname and everything to make it fun. Her nickname is BeeBop. BeeBop stemmed from a childhood nickname that my Uncle Randy gave to Brittney. I am so glad she chose that nickname. When I first arrived, she ran up to me and hugged me. I really do miss Brittney. She hardly gets to come home, and when she does, she is home for only a short amount of time. 
While I was there, we would visit her cabin every so often to grab something or change. Every time I walked into the cabin, a flood of memories came back from when I was a camper at Trout Creek Bible Camp. The smell of old wood, bug spray, body spray, and trees brought back good memories, Such fun times. 
Yesterday, we jam packed a lot of stuff into my visit. I met her friends, she introduced me to them using their camp names, and then later I would learn their real names. Even in casual conversation, they would use their camp names to address each other, like it was the most normal thing. Too funny. Her friends asked us if we wanted to go on a short hike to TC Falls. It was a short hike, and the falls were pretty. I remember as a camper, we would go "shower" or rinse off in the rushing falls. 
During my visit at Trout Creek, I got to know some of her friends, went on a tour of Trout Creek, ate pizza, went canoeing, met more of her friends, and went on the famous Trout Creek swings that are located near the entrance of the camp. When we went canoeing, it was Brittney, myself, an another guy who's camp name is Turtle. He made Brittney and I get out of the canoe and push the canoe over the beaver dam. We were laughing so hard because every time we pushed it over the dam, it would slide back down again. We eventually got the canoe over the beaver dam. That was a fun activity. Visiting Brittney was so much fun. 
I really wish that I had spent a Summer working at Trout Creek. I didn't want to leave, but I also didn't want to drive home in the dark. I decided to leave at 8. While we were at the swings, I remembered hanging out there during "free time" when I was a camper. I would always buy those Starbucks frappuccinos in the glass bottles, Corn Nuts, and War Heads. I would always eat those by the swings, and wait in line to go on the swings. It was fun being a camper there, but seeing Brittney with all of her friends, it looks like it would be more fun to work there. 
As I am writing this, I am resisting scratching my bug bites that I acquired yesterday. I really should have brought bug spray, but you can't leave Trout Creek without a few souvenir bug bites. Yesterday was enjoyable, and I am so excited to visit Trout Creek again.