A Touch of Ruffle Outfit Love

As I branch out in my style, I thought of adding a few girly pieces to my wardrobe. First with the crochet top, I call it the doily, and now this ruffle tank from Anthropologie. This is a casual style with charm due to the ruffles. Just throw on this tank, a pair of jeans and some wedges. Since I am still a beginner at the style posts, I don't have a different bag for each outfit. Conclusion in that thought: need more bags. Since I did not include an accessory in this post, I thought that I would focus on the makeup. I received a sample of Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette, and I have been using it like crazy! It is perfect eye makeup for during the day, and for night. I am so excited to order the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette, the palette provides the perfect shades for my eyes. My lips are painted with all-organic lip tints and gloss. I like organic, quality makeup because whatever you put on your skin, your skin eats. Scarlet Sunset lip tint from J.R. Watkins has been a favorite over the years. It is subtle, yet gives you such a classy look. I topped that with Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss. Adds shine, and you can paint your face totally guilt free. Revolution Organics is completely natural, with no added chemicals, sulfates, artifical flavoring. If it is not natural, then Revolution Organics does not put it in their products. I love this look, perfect for an early, Summery evening downtown walk. 

Shirt: Anthropologie (similar here. Love this one)
Jeans: AE Outfitters (discontinued)