I know people have much bigger problems going on in their lives right now, but I feel mine is worthy of sharing. It is on my heart, and I wish I could do more about it than what I am already doing. I have been searching for jobs going on two years now, all of Junior year, all of Senior year, and now all through the month of June. I have had a couple of interviews, some of them seemed to be like promising interviews, and some were just bad experiences that are a part of life.

I hope to get a job soon, I want to save up to move to Florida, and I hope to get there in September, but at this rate, with no job, I am thinking January might be the time I move. It is discouraging when you are considered for a job, and then they choose someone else. It is rough to get a job, and everybody knows that. Everyday, I try to apply to five jobs, but yesterday I had to take a break. I needed some time where I didn't think about jobs, or anything. I needed to clear and rest my mind, because it is constantly running, constantly thinking about jobs, and what I need to do. I feel like nobody has had a first job ever, everybody acts like they walk into a job with tons of experiene, and qualifications, but I know that isn't true. 
Another thing that irritates me is the fact that the careers area of companies never remembers your login information, so you have to go through the whole process to retrieve or reset your password. I feel like you have to have a full bar of stamina to even apply to jobs, like they try to weed people out right in the beginning. 

I'm not going to give up, even when this journey of getting a first job isn't easy, even if it isn't your first job, and you do have all sorts of experience and qualifications, it still isn't easy. I will keep trying. I know this might be a long shot, but if anybody in the Portland or Gresham, Oregon area has any information on openings, please let me know. I appreciate it. :)