The Waffle Window

I didn't even know The Waffle Window existed until I saw a picture of my friend eating a waffle from The  Waffle Window on Instagram. I didn't give it a second thought until my Grandma asked if I wanted to get together on Saturday and go to St. Honore for a sweet treat. I decided it would be fun to try something new, so when my Grandma came to pick me up, I suggested that we go to the Waffle Window. 
There are a few The Waffle Window locations, and we went to the Hawthorne location. We parked on 37th and Hawthorne, and walked up and down between 35th and 37th looking for The Waffle Window. We finally found it! It shares a wall with the lovely, little brunch place, Bread & Ink. A small portion is available to sit inside for The Waffle Window, while the rest of the building is for Bread & Ink. 
We got there just in time, there were some people waiting for their waffles after they ordered, and there were only a few people waiting to order. My Grandma decided to order the Razzle Dazzle, the Leige waffle topped with whipped cream, raspberries, and drizzled in delicious lemon curd. I ordered the Three B's, a Leige waffle topped with the most amazing brie, pepper bacon, and strong basil, sided with a peach jam. Grandma and I also ordered caramel lattes, the coffee that The Waffle Window serves is so amazing. 
Inside the room, the little portion for The Waffle Window was a wee bit tight, but that is part of the experience. Grandma and I sampled each others' waffles, and The Razzle Dazzle was spectacular. My waffle, the Three B's was one of the most scrumptious meals that I have ever consumed. The pepper bacon had little sparks of spiciness in every bite, but super mild. The basil on top of the waffle was so strong, it was the perfect topper to this ensemble, and the brie, oh! the brie was fantastic. I am a brie enthusiast, French cheese is my strong point, it is my interest. The brie tied the whole thing together. It was fabulous. 
When we were done eating, we sat and talked for just a little while. We knew that there were people who were interested in dining indoors, and we wanted to make the table available to other people. We talked about things that have happened recently in our lives, or what we have planned for Fourth of July. Just various things. After we talked, we cleaned up our table and left the indoor dining area, and that was when we were thankful for odering when we did. It was just starting to rain, and there was quite a large line forming. We were glad we ordered when we did. 
When we were walking to the car, it started to down pour! The weather has been so fickle lately, rain, shine, overcast, and back to rain again. The rain always adds to the fun. 

The Waffle Window was such a great Portland experience. I am so excited to venture into my own town and discover the neat little eateries that are all around Portland, just down the street from me practically. Who wants to explore Portland?