St. Honore Dessert Project

If you have been following my blog religiously, (but who does that? especially with my blog!) you would know that I am in the process of doing a St. Honore dessert project with my Grandma Biggs. We started our dessert project during Spring Break, and then again after that, and then yesterday, Saturday we went again. We are on a mission.  
We looked around the pastery window for quite a while, trying to decide on what to get and try. We finally decided to try the Tarte Pont Neuf Blueberry. A pastery, flakey, blueberry filled tarte, with a criss cross pastery dough on top, separating sections, two sections covered in blueberry topping, and two sections that were powdered with powdered sugar. 
It was so soft and scrumptious in the middle. What I liked about it was that it was not too dry, and it wasn't too soft in the middle. I also liked that there were actual blueberries in the center, and not canned blueberry filing, although, sometimes that canned blueberry filling in pies is very scrumptious. We split it in half, and tried it. It was very good. When I finished my portion, I believe I used the words "Sweet, but subtle." so I rated it with an 8 out of 10.
We are excited to try more desserts at St. Honore. Stay tuned!