Outfit Love

Target, you have done it again! I used to dislike the clothes that Target sold, but lately, the clothes they have are so cute and super fashionable. It is fun browsing through the clothing section, seeing what new clothing items they have to offer. I found something that was so cute, and helped me out of my style comfort zone. I would have never thought that I could pull off a romper. I have been casually looking for a romper, thinking that it would not look that great on me. I was very wrong. 
I decided to go with this simple pattern. Like I always say, it wasn't too bold, nor too boring. Maybe I need to be bolder with my style. 
I put together this style with the romper and a jean jacket that I purchased long ago. It has been an ongoing staple in my closet. I accessorized this style with some awesome aviator glasses. They are my favorite!
I decided to be bold and wild with my hair. I did a double dutch braid wrap around, and I did three dutch braids and pinned them into a low bun. It was an easy style to do. Maybe I should start doing hair tutorials when I gather more knowledge on different hair styles. 
I absolutely love rompers now! I am excited to get more patterns, rompers will be a perfect summer go-to style.
Romper: Target
Jacket: AE Outfitters (discontinued)
Glasses: Target
Shoes: Sole Society