Luscher Farm Park Garden Babies

I am finally getting around to blogging about my Monday. On Monday, I went with my Aunt Aimee and lil cousin Quincy to Luscher Farms in West Linn for a program they host there called Garden Babies. We met up with Aimee's friend, Katy and her little daughter, Maggie. I was so excited to see Maggie, I had only seen pictures of little Maggie, so it was wonderful to see her precious face in person. 
We went to look at the chickens and a rooster crowed, Quincy made a confused face, like she was unsure of the new sound she heard. It was fun to see her reaction to the farm sound. Some more people arrived, and we all walked to the garden. The garden was covered by a big, beautiful tree, and was surrounded by plants and hedges. There was this farm cat that walked around. She first kept her distance from the crowd, but when the gal who was leading the garden babies group began to read childrens' books, the cat went and sat on the picnic table bench she was leaning. I thought it was neat that the kitty was being friendly and not shy, almost as if he was participating in the group. What was concerning though was that another small child went right up to the kitty. Their faces met and she was babbling to the cat. I was getting a little nervous. Animals can be a little tempermental with small children. The cat reached out and wacked the child. I don't know if the cat scratched her, but it wasn't a huge deal. The chilld's mother picked her up, and carried her away from the cat. 

Maggie and Quincy sat on the table. Quincy was so wiggly, crawling on the table and making silly noises. It is so cute when babies discover the noises they can make with their mouths. Maggie sat on the table with her little Jelly Cat lamb. Her mom asked if I could sit behind Maggie and make sure she didn't fall off the table. Katy was taking pictures while the gal was reading to the group. She read stories that associated with farm, plants, and animals. Quincy snacked on blueberry puffed snacks, and Maggie shared her lamb, and Quincy would grab it and wave it around. She is developing quite the personality. 
After the stories were read, the gal took the group over by the chicken coop. She had an activity planned to feed the chickens. The activity targeted toddlers and not so much babies. It would be more for the girls when they are older. While the other kids were feeding the chickens, it gave us a chance to look around at the farm. We stood by the chicken coop and looked all around. It was a beautiful place, and they have kid camps for older kids, probably around the ages 7 to 8, around those ages. I am unsure what they do during the day camps, but I am sure they do some planting and learn a thing or two about agriculture and gardening. 
When the children were done feeding the chickens, we all moved onto the little garden area. Some of the kids were digging in this small, raised garden type thing. Aimee was holding Quincy, and Katy was holding Maggie. Again, the activities planned were more for the toddlers. Aimee, Quincy and I looked around the community garden plots. They have little garden plots that you can sign up to be a part of. It would be so fun to have a garden away from home, where you can go to just garden, and you don't have the distractions of home to get in the way. I am sure being a part of the community gardens at Luscher Farms is very therapeutic. 
We walked around the gardens for a little while longer, and then decided it was time to go. The sun was scorching and Aimee and Katy didn't want Quincy and Maggie in the sun anymore. Besides a few hiccups in the program, it was a fun day. I enjoyed seeing the farm, and what the garden babies program was all about. It seems that the program was targeted more for toddlers, so it will be fun to see Quincy and Maggie interact with the other children and animals as they get old enough to understand.
After the farm, Aimee and I went out for coffee in the old town part of West Linn. We went to a little coffee shop called Bullseye. They have great coffee there! I wish I took a picture of it. I will have to go back and do a review on the place. While we had our coffee, Aimee and I talked over various things on our minds. She is fun to talk to and hang out with. When we were done at the coffee shop, we went back to Aimee's house. She made us delicious paninis for lunch. They were savory and scrumptious. While she made the lunch, I played with Quincy. She kept making this growling sound, it is hilarious listening to babies explore the different sounds they can make. 
I didn't stay at Aimee's house super late on Monday. I stayed until 2:30, I wanted to beat the traffic. I was caught up in a little bit of traffic, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I got home in one piece, and had such a fun day.