Historical Secrets and Ramblings at Wahkeena Falls

Wahkeena Falls in Corbet, Oregon is my favorite place in the world. It is such a beautiful place, the trees cover the park mostly, letting the sun spackle on the grass. The picnic areas are clean, and parts of the park are quiet. I had my graduation party there and it was absolutely gorgeous, and beautiful. It was such a good time. Sunday was technically my family's first trip to Wahkeena Falls this summer.
We brought burgers, hot dogs, chips, and the supplies to make s'mores. We have a good relationship with the park ranger who lives at the Wahkeena Falls park and manages it. We always offer him food, everybody who goes there offers him food. He jokes how he sometimes doesn't have to buy food for a  week because the hospitable guests at the park give him food. He tells facts about the park and he tells his life's stories. It is so interesting listening to him. He told us that the Wahkeena Falls park and picnic area was part of the New Deal with FDR in 1933.
The picture is of the old Columbia River Highway that runs makes a run through Horsetail Falls, Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena Falls and the town of Bridalveil. The structures there to the left on the photo would be the cars park now in the above parking lot. There is a parking lot below where the picnic area is, but that came a little bit after this photograph was taken. There was also a photo of the bridge up at the Wahkeena Falls, were you have to hike a little bit to get to. That bridge was built in 1914. It was so fascinating learning the historical facts of my favorite place in the whole world. I want to  get married at this beautiful place, and take pictures at each of the falls, possibly hike up to Angel's Rest in my dress and take pictures with the amazing view as the background. Everyone would receive their invitations from Bridalveil, Oregon. What a day to remember. 
Well, back to Sunday, we talked to the park ranger we built a fire in the pit. We cooked and grilled our food. I found this stick that I used to move the tin foil around. We forgot to bring the tongs for cooking, but using the stick was more fun, getting in touch with nature. 
Brittney and I roasted marshmallows to make s'mores. I made two different kind of s'mores. I made on the traditional way, and then I made s'mores in tin foil. I put the s'more together in the tin foil, wrap it up, and set it in the embers to make the perfect s'more. I decided to try making s'mores with peanut butter cups, but that was not the best of tastes. When I made the traditional s'more, the marshmallow caught fire, but that makes the s'more 100% better. 
When my parents were eating, my sister and I decided to walk to the lower falls. It is so pretty, the water fall separates into little water falls and creates a little creek that runs the right of the Wahkeena Falls park. Can you see why this is my favorite place in the world? 
Before we left, I explored the park some more. There is this tree and it has holes from a woodpecker bird. The tree is so tall and the branches look like veins. To the side of the tree, there is this huge rock, I look so tiny compared to the rock. 
When we left, we smelled of camp fire and we were tired, but had such a fun day at our favorite family spot. Each time I go to Wahkeena fallls, I seem to find something new, and I find the park and and the falls more beautiful each time I see it. 


  1. Love all your pictures, I haven't been to Wahkeena Falls, but after seeing all of your wonderful pictures and posts about it on your blog I have added it to our summer list of places to visit. I am looking forward to checking out Wahkeena, the whole drive up that way is so beautiful, looks like the perfect place to spend a summer day!

    1. It is a wonderful place! Bring a picnic, and shoo away the little bugs, it is a wonderful picnic experience! I am so excited for your trip out to Wahkeena Falls. It is my favorite place!

  2. u seem so happy n at piece it makes me want to pack the car n go check it out me and my family. Thanks forsharing our story

  3. u seem so happy n at piece it makes me want to pack the car n go check it out me and my family. Thanks forsharing our story


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