Graduation Party

What a fabulous, beautiul day it was yesterday. Yesterday was my graduation party, the sun was out, and everything was perfect. My dad woke up early yesterday, and drove to Wahkeena Falls to secure the area for the party. He is awesome! Meanwhile, back at home, everything was crazy. We were loading everything into the cars, getting ready, and feeling excited. After eveything was loaded into the cars, we left to grab all of the food we ordered, and other last minute things for the party, and we were on our way.

When we arrived at Wahkeena Falls, my grandpa and dad were busy unloading everything, and my grandma, my mom, and I began unloading the food and flowers, and other party things. We all got right to work. We secured the table cloths to the tables, and then I played florist. I got the flowers out, and all of the aqua mason jars to act as vases for the flowers. My mom and I bought some beautiful flower bunches at New Seasons on Saturday for the party. I was so excited to arrange the flowers in the mason jars.

The flowers turned out beautifully! The tables looked wonderful. The whole area was absolutely beautiful, with the sun shining, and the slight breeze, the whole venue was pretty. We turned the wilderness shelter at Wahkeena Falls into party central.
My grandma decided to bring out the cake. I was so excited to see this beautiful cake. It was certainly  beautiful! When we ate the cake, the blue frosting made everyone's lips blue. We put the cake on the table with the iPad that was playing the slideshow. It took me most of the day on Saturday to figure out the slideshow, and at about ten 'o clock on Saturday evening, I finally figured it out! It was so simple! At the party, everybody seemed to enjoy the slideshow, and I am so glad.

The guests started arriving, and I would go up to them, hug them, and tell them "Thank you for coming. I appreciate it." I wanted my guests to know that I appreciate them taking the time to come out, and celebrate. My family and our friends are awesome.
My dad was at the grill for most of the time, grilling up the food, and making sure everybody had enough to eat. We ordered so many hot dogs and hamburgers, and yes people ate the food, but we brought so much food home with us! We will be eating hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad for a long while. Fortunately, we like hot dogs and hamburgers

When most of the guests left, we took the remaining guests (my parents' friends) up to see Wahkeena Falls. I climbed up the rocks, and felt the heavy spray mist of the falls. My shirt became soaked with water, my face, and my hair. I love feeling ontop of the world, and feeling the waterfall. When I trekked down, my mom's friend offered to take a family photo of us in front of the falls.
After we hiked back down to the parking lot, we all talked for a bit, and then said our goodbyes, and headed for home. When I got home, I opened the extremely sweet and generous gifts from the guests who attended my party. I have a lot of Thank You cards to write.
The party was perfect, and I couldn't have asked for a better party. The guests made it so special. Thank you to everybody! Thank you for helping me celebrate my graduation, this is an amazing life event for me. I know there will be many other amazing life events that will occur throughout my life, but my high school graduation is one to be proud of right now, in this moment.