Graduation Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory

Graduation dinner took place last night, on Friday evening since the graduation ceremony took place at 8:30, Thursday evening. I did not want to go to dinner before graduation, so having the graduation dinner on Friday evening was perfect. From the get-go, I wanted to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown and watch the boats on the river, but unfortunately, due to the Rose Festival here in Portland, The Old Spaghetti Factory that is located in downtown Portland was all booked up. The Clackamas Spaghetti Factory was our other option. 
Brittney was not with us for dinner, so it was just a party of three. We were sat in the trolley, which was special, and I ordered a Shirley Temple because gosh darn, I like them. Our server was funny, and was helpful. The complimentary bread they brought out had the scent of heaven, or what I think heaven must smell like. There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, oh man. They put minced garlic in the butter and the bread was so warm when my dad cut into it. I love bread! 
We ordered our food, and I ordered the spinach tortellini with Alfredo sauce, which was AMAZING. My mom ordered the chicken Marsala, and my dad ordered a yummy pasta platter. The food came with salads for each of us, and my mom and I got bleu cheese dressing on our salads, and my dad got an Alfredo based ranch dressing for his salad.
 My meal.
 My mom's meal.
 My dad's meal.
The lighting was not that great in there. 
When the server came by and asked us how we were, we asked if he could take a picture of us, and he cracked a joke that Sandy, where he went to high school, was better than Sam Barlow, my old high school. It mad our smiles big and cute. We told him that this was graduation dinner, and he teased me about Sam Barlow throughout the night. He was a funny guy. 
Our food also came with ice cream, we got the spumoni. They fed us very well at The Old Spaghetti Factory, with the bread, the salad, and the great food, and the ice cream at the end. The Old Spaghetti Factory is one of my favorite dining places. We figured out that The Old Spaghetti Factory is nation wide, and started in Oregon. The first one was built in '69, and the first one was built in Portland, Oregon. That was a fun fact to figure out. 
When we got home, my mom wanted me to stay in my dress for a bit. I was getting a little suspicious, but she said that she had not actually seen my dress on me and wanted to look at it. I then went and changed after and was about to blog, I turned on Netflix and was in my comfies, and my parents brought out three wrapped presents. She started filming me with her phone, and handed me the first wrapped gift. The first gift was iPad screen protectors. The next present was an iPad cover with a keyboard, and can you guess what the third present was? A FREAKIN IPAD!!!! Indeed! I have been saving up for an iPad, and they bought me one! My mom said that she ordered it more than 5 weeks ago, and it has been under her bed for more than a month. I was so excited, I screamed. Now, that money that I had saved up will be going for a car. 
Thank you mom and dad, you are the absolute best. Thank you for dinner, and for the iPad, and for everything you do. You two are awesome. I appreciate everything. Last night was a wonderful evening.