French Boulangerie and a Sweet Baby

Yesterday was a perfect day! I spent the whole day with my Aunt Aimee and my little cousin Quincy.
It was a lot of fun going out to lunch and then just hanging out and playing with Quincy. To get to my Aunt Aimee's house, there would be a lot of freeway time, and I haven't spent much time on the freeway, but it was fun, nervewracking, and successful. I want to do that again! When I arrived at my Aunt's house, she was feeding Quincy and told me that she was going to take me to her favorite place,  La Provence in Lake Oswego for lunch. La Provence is very similar to St. Honore, for those of you who read my blog regularly, St. Honore is somewhat of my regular haunt. La Provence is a beautiful French boulangerie, and patisserie. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus beautiful pasteries.
When we walked in, it was so crowded. We had to wait a little bit for a table, but that always means the place is good. Our server was so in love with Quincy, actually the whole restaurant was in love with her. She was quite the charmer, waving to everybody, and smiling at everybody. She was the star of the restaurant. 
Their menu had a selection of scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices. Aimee ordered the French onion soup, and their house salad with grilled chicken. I ordered their Monte Carlo sandwich, which came with a salad. Oh my goodness, the Monte Carlo sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten! It was so tasty with the real, thick bacon, the cheese, the grilled turkey, the roasted tomatoes. Oh, it was amazing. Aimee and I also ordered coffees, and the blend that La Provence uses is simply divine. Aimee and I each had to take home our meals in to-go boxes, that is the best way to dine, because then you can eat more of the deliciousness at home. We couldn't leave La Provence without trying one of their amazing pasteries. We tried their lovely Black Beauty pastery. A dark chocolate glaze frosting, a small layer of dark chocolate cake, underneath that was a delectable chocolate, fudgy frosting, and again, underneath that was another layer of dark chocolate cake. It was so scrumptious. In my opinion, La Provence is better than St. Honore. Thank you, Aunt Aimee. Lunch was amazing! 
My Aunt Aimee's meal
My meal
Our dessert
Our server was so nice, and accommodating. During our lunch, I asked her if she would take a picture of Aimee, Quincy, and I at our table. The pictures turned out dark at first, because we were facing away from the natural light. She said that after the lunch, she would take the picture of us outside where there was more light. She was so nice, and the picture turned out great.
When we arrived back at Aunt Aimee's house, she went upstairs to try and put Quincy down for a nap. I stayed downstairs and marked our to-go boxes with our names, to let us know which meal is which. Aunt Aimee came back down with Quincy, she just wouldn't go to sleep. Aunt Aimee went back upstairs, and came back down again with Quincy a few times. Quincy must have been much too excited to sleep. So, Aimee set Quincy down on her blanket on the floor, and Aimee and I talked while we played with Quincy.
I waited to leave after my Uncle Randy came home, and after traffic cleared a bit. Yesterday was such a fun day. I am excited to hang out my Aunt Aimee and cousin Quincy again. Thank you again, Aunt Aimee! Yesterday was great!