Boho Chic Outfit Love

Am I glad that I looked through a shipping packaging bag that some shoes came in. If I did not look through that bag, I would not have found this snazzy headband from Nectar Clothing. They gave me this awesome headband as a free gift. That was so nice of them! But, the headband is not the star of the post, but it is indeed this amazing shirt from Shop Love Threads.
I bought this shirt on a whim, and I am glad I did. I love it! The skull is wearing earrings and a flower crown, it gives her a personality. 
I decided to be risky and pair brown shoes with a black shirt. I know that the fashion world, pairing brown and black is not ideal, but I made it work, and I rocked this style. 
Shop Love Threads is such a friendly, easy-to-navigate, online store. When you order a piece of clothing from Love Threads, Nicole Jessen, the owner handwrites a thank you card, and sends it in with the package. I love when shops send handwritten notes. It means that they care about their customers. 
This blanket I tossed in was brought back with some friends who went to Mexico. They gave it to us as a gift, and I thought that it would add some color. 
I am enjoying this journey of making my style a little bit more bold, and a little bit better. 
Headband: Nectar Clothing
Bandeau: Aerie
Shoes: Khols