A Day in Milwaukie, Oregon

On Saturday, my Grandma invited me to go to the Milwaukie Farmers Market with her, her friend, and my Aunt Aimee and my little cousin Quincy. We walked through the farmers market, and I spotted an herbary. I have been wanting some peppermint, and I spotted some basil, so I decided to get that too. What I like to do at Farmers Markets is to walk around the whole market first and then go back to the vendors that I want to purchase something from.
We walked by the produce, and a pizza vendor. Grandma noticed that Quincy and I were both wearing stripes. We were both wearing blue striped shirts. No, that was not planned, it was purely coincidence.
Why so serious, Quincy bug? 
This was one of the few smiles that I got out of her yesterday. 
We walked through the market, and I found a lavender vendor that I discovered last year at the same Farmers Market. I sampled some delicious lavender tea, and wanted to purchase some this time. It smells so good! I am excited to brew it and drink it. The lavender vendor gave me a brochure about a lavender festival that is taking place in Yamhill, Oregon on July 12 through the 13th. I will be there enjoying the festival!
Check out the size of those onions! Wowzers!
We found the food vendors and my Grandma and I decided to share these mini tacos. Food vendors at Farmers Markets are so spendy. The tacos were okay, but not great. It was enough to tide me over till we had real food. While my Grandma was ordering the tacos, I bought some mini doughnuts. They were pretty good, super soft, but the powder and cinnamon sugar made them a bit messy. 
After we were done eating, I went to buy my plants and Aimee bought some hosta plants. We had finished our time at the Farmer's Market, and Aimee and Quincy left. We said our good-byes and then my Grandma, her friend, and myself walked up the street to the Pietros Pizza in Milwaukie for the car show cruise in. My Grandpa's Mustang was in the car show, and it was fun seeing him, and meeting his friends. Throughout the whole day, people were smelling my sweet basil plant, it was quite potent. I was carrying it around with me throughout the whole car show. 
They had some really neat cars there, and some neat people. It was fun reading the history and seeing the dates of the cars. These people put their hearts and souls into these cars. These are such beautiful cars. I took pictures of a few of my favorites. It was so fun.
There was this Turquoise blue and white convertible, it was from 1952 and it looked like it should be in the parking lot of a diner, where the girls are in poodle skirts, and the guys have cigarette packs tucked in the cuffed sleeve of their white t-shirts, and the juke box is playing Blue Tango by Leroy Anderson. I wish I got a picture of it, but someone else was taking professional pictures and someone was in it, getting ready to drive off. It is on my bucket list to go to a drive in movie in a vintage convertible. I have been to the Newberg drive in before, but how fun would it be to go in a vintage convertible? So fun!

 I am excited to go to another cruise in. This was a great experience, and I had a lot of fun. 
Later, Grandma and I went to Boardwalk for burgers. I went with her to her hair appointment and then she dropped me back off at home. I spent the whole weekend with my Grandma Biggs. She is such a fun lady, and we are explorers at heart. I am excited to go on more adventures with my Grandma Biggs. 


  1. I love farmer's markets! this looks like a great one!

    1. It was a fabulous Farmer's market! They have excellent vendors.


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