Thoughts on Spring: Outfit Love

The week has been rough, and gruesome. I am emotionally drained, but I keep reminding myself that the school year is almost over, my high school career is almost finished, and things will get better, but not easier. I am glad this week is over. I am glad the sun came to visit Portland today, it was looking gloomy with all the rain we have been having lately. It was time for a weather change! 
Last weekend, I wore this dress for the first time. It was a sunny and rainy day, I wore it around to grab up the party supplies for my birthday celebration. I purchased it back in February, and I was saving it for spring, last Saturday seemed like the perfect spring day to wear it out. It is such a comfy dress, and the gray stripes make it neutral. 
I added in the flower crown to tie in my thoughts on Spring, how it is here, but it seems to be camouflaged by Fall, with the rain and the chilly mornings. I want to see flowers bloom and blue skies with huge, fluffy, white clouds, and the sun lighting up the neighborhood. The sun came out of hiding today, and right now I am watching big, white, fluffy clouds slowly scoot by in the sky. 

Maxi dresses are perfect for Spring. They are modest, yet give you some curve. They cover the legs and allow you to layer with jackets or sweaters. I added a pink cardigan that I bought almost a year and a half ago from Old Navy. 
Yesterday, I was reading some beautiful blogs (Kelli Murray & LaTonya Staubs), and I was inspired by their beautiful posts, the photographs and their words. Since it is Mother's Day tomorrow, they did a lovely post about mamas and how beautiful it is to be a mama. I look at my beautiful mother who has worked hard the past 18 years, raising me and now letting me go off to Florida for college. I am excited to do a Mother's Day post, dedicated to my beautiful momma.  

Well, those beautiful photographs in those posts really inspired me for today, and I wanted to do something creative to feature the dress.  
Maxi dress (sadly, no longer available) : Forever 21
Pink cardigan (no longer available) : (something similar) Old Navy
Floral crown: made it myself


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