The End of French 7-8

It is bittersweet, leaving a teacher who I have had and have gotten to know over the past four years. She is like my mom at school, I can go to her about anything. My awesome French teacher gave the seniors a final project that surely made those creative gears in my head turn. She gave us the task of writing and illustrating a children's book, there had to be a problem, characters, a solution, and pictures. I was stumped on what to write on. The problem was supposed to be something that you want to teach children. A few days before we received the assignment, I was talking to a friend about how when I have children, I want to teach them the importance of taking care of the earth... and wham! Problem solved. 
I decided to write a story about a small, magical town practically drowning in litter and pollution, until this little girl asks her grandpa about how the town was before all the people moved there. The town was beautiful before, but since there are more people, there are more cars and more litter. So, the little girl, I called her Evie, sets out to make the town beautiful again. 
I knew from the beginning of the writing and creating process that I wanted to paint my pictures using water color. I love the way water color looks, and how you can add layers of color to make the masterpiece even better. I wanted to make this book beautiful, something that I could potentially share with my future children. But I'm not an artist. I was worried about my pictures, and how they would turn out. 
It turns out that I can do pretty well with a paint brush and toothpicks (yes, I did paint some of the trees, plants, and little details with toothpicks). I surprised myself with my paintings. They were absolutely beautiful (in my eyes), and perfect for my children's book. I was excited to present this! 
I worked a portion of Friday night, all day Saturday, and some of Sunday morning on my book, and when it was done, I was so proud of myself that I had completed this beautiful masterpiece that I have been stressing about over the past two weeks. I'm proud of my work.
Then came the day to present it, that was today. I had a few pronunciation errors, but everyone seemed to enjoy my pictures. I asked my friend Lily to take some pictures of me presenting and reading my book to our French class. Thanks Lily!
This was such a fun project, although at times the French tenses confused me but good ol' Google is on my side. I am excited to share this book with anyone who wants to read it. In our book, we had to have a dedication page and someone to dedicate the book to, so I picked my newest, littlest cousin, Quincy for the dedication. I want her to understand the importance of taking care of the earth that houses us all.
 I am going to definitely miss French class. I have developed some great friendships in French class, and it will be all tears when I walk out of room 212 forever. (I'll come and visit, so it won't be forever).