Portland Adventures with Grandma B.

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday afternoon is to hang out in Portland, Oregon with my Grandma Biggs. We always find the neatest places, traveling around by foot and seeking out the great places of Portland. 

Our first stop was at the St. Honore Boulangerie, where we had lunch and completed the second phase of our Dessert Project. We had the Quiche Lorraine with a side salad for lunch, coffees, macaroons, and a delicious dessert called the St. Honore. Deliciousness! We talked about what is going on in our lives, the dramas, the good things, I told her about my CALibration, my CAL graduation, and how I saw some friends that I haven't seen in a while. We always have a great customer experience at St. Honore, it is our main place. 
When we had finished our lunch and dessert at St. Honore, we walked down Division Street to a little tea house. Our last venture down Division Street, we had discovered this tea house, and I was pleased to see that they served bubble tea, so I had to go there yesterday and try their bubble tea. Townshend's Division Street Tea House has a plethora of bubble tea flavors. 
I ordered a green milk tea with tapioca boba. I looked down at the seal, and it was adorable! I have been waiting for the day that I will come across a cute bubble tea seal. 
Townshend's displays some beautiful artwork, I did take some pictures for inspiration purposes, but I don't feel it is right to put up someone else's work when I don't have their permission, or their names to give credit. Those paintings are also for sale at Townshend's, they are available for purchase. 

I sipped up that tea so fast, I had a bad reaction to the caffeine in the green tea. That is just my body, I am very sensitive to caffeine and I keep forgetting to ask for decaffeinated beverages. I don't care though, Townshend's bubble tea tastes fantastic! That's all I care about. 
After Townshend's, we drove down the way and across to Hawthorne. There was this little market that my Grandma wanted to check out, I was interested in looking at their bouquets. I am really into flowers, they brighten up a room. Unfortunately, the bouquets they had were quite expensive, so I decided to just explore the market with my Grandma. In the back, there were two walls reserved for these beautiful hand-woven baskets. The colors on these baskets were absolutely gorgeous. They weren't too terribly expensive either, I would have purchased one, but I don't know what I would do with a basket. They were inspirational though. 
This market had a plethora of fruits and veggies, the prices were low per pound, the colors were beautiful, and this market was full of local produce. That is the best way to purchase produce, supporting local farmers. 
After the market, we walked a couple blocks down to Vintage Pink, a retro home and fashion store where they have vintage furniture and vintage fashion for purchase. I remember when I was younger, I was really into vintage stores, and I would do silly things with the old furniture, I would have a ton of fun in each vintage store, but lately, I just haven't been into vintage things. Vintage Pink was a lovely store though, I love how everything was organized and it wasn't just piled in. Normally in vintage stores, everything is just tossed on a pile, and things spill out into the walkway, and things are crowded, but it was a lot of fun. 
The blast from the past was fun, and after Vintage Pink, I wanted to seek out a florist. I wanted to buy some pretty flowers. We decided to go to New Seasons Market on Division because they have a wonderful floral department. New Season's floral department is always impressive and colorful, they have beautiful bouquets and single flowers for purchase, they even have tiny succulents and tear drop terrariums for sale. 
I picked out a peach-colored Gerbera Daisy, a wonderful New Season's Market employee put some water in a little plastic bag for me so it wouldn't dry out while we were shopping. My Grandma found some beautiful purple pansies and some beautiful yellow flowers. We walked by the deli, and we walked by the bakery, I spotted the doughnuts in their pastry box and I grabbed a sprinkled doughnut that caught my eye. 
We went and looked at the candles, my Grandma found some stick candles that she had been searching for. She purchased a couple of yellow candles and a couple of purple candles. The candle display was so colorful! 
I always have a good experience at New Season's Market, it is my favorite store.
I had such a wonderful day with my Grandma Biggs, I always do. I am looking forward to our next outing. Maybe next time we will venture out to Whole Foods instead. 
Spending time with my Grandma Biggs is one of my favorite activities, we always find the cutest or tastiest places, she must have a radar for these kinds of things. 


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