Rain or Shine: The Crazy Weather Of Oregon

This morning while I was getting ready for the day, I heard the crashing of the rain against the roof. Angry, crazy, pelting rain at 6:00 in the morning. I have never heard "angry" rain that early in the morning, more so in the afternoon. When it rains in the morning, it usually only sprinkles and gradually builds up to the pelting rain. Oregon has some crazy weather changes throughout the day, at one moment, it can be sunny with a blue sky, white fluffy clouds, and the temperature high... the next minute it will be pouring down rain, puddles forming, and your hair all frizzy. 

That is what it did today. Rain, then shine, rain, then shine.
I do believe that there was one day where it was breezy, and it rained, snowed, shined, and hailed all in one day. The temperature wasn't too high of course if it was able to snow, it was sometime in the winter, but my goodness, what a crazy day for weather changes. 

Now that we are nearing Summer (hopefully it comes soon), the weather will become nicer, and warmer, but the Summers in Oregon are sometimes rainy. There was this one Summer a few years back where everyday it rained except for two days, it was a bummer Summer. 
I wanted to share a couple outfits for days like that. Days where it could rain, or will rain, and in between it will be sunny. 
Later, I want to do an Outfit Love post, and share all the outfits that I have created and fell in love with. 
This is what I started out wearing today...
And after my clinical, I ended up in this...
Portland is the rainy city. Portland and Seattle get a lot of rain year round. 
Makes planning outdoor parties a little risky, that is what I am a little afraid of for my graduation party. It will be outside, in the Gorge, so I am crossing my fingers for all day sunshine in June. 
I do love the rain, I love running through it, getting my hair drenched by the rain. I loved running in the rain for track a few years ago, and I loved walking through wet grass with my bare feet. 
I am a Portland girl, I love the rain.