Proud to be a Blogger

Blogging isn't just about informing people, blogging is for the blogger, his or herself. I viewed the trailer of Chris Wiegand's American Blogger film, I remember following all of the bloggers on instagram, and I remember following Chris Wiegand through his journey, and his wife, Casey Wiegand posting about the film's progress. Casey Wiegand is my all-time favorite blogger. Following along with the Wiegand's journey through this film was so inspiring, and now that it is out, I am so excited to watch it. Lately, my instagram feed has been all about the film, because I follow mostly bloggers on instagram. Every time I see a new post about the American Blogger film, I get excited about viewing the film. 
The film is part of the American Blogger series, consisting of bloggers from all over America. They talk about their blog, and their life, why they blog, and what is a blog. It is a beautifully done film. Following Chris Wiegand and Casey Wiegand on instagram during this time opened up my eyes to many other bloggers, which have now become my favorites. Even the bloggers that I loved previous to the film, Chris Wiegand interviewed them as well, and I was so excited to hear what they had to say about their blog. 

Even with just seeing the trailer, it is a neat experience hearing the blogger's voices instead of just reading their words in text. It is such a neat film. Since the film is in a series, this is the first film in the series, there will be more American Blogger films to come. How awesome would it be if I was on the next American Blogger film? I have been blogging for three years now, my numbers would certainly have to improve of course, but I think that would be such a neat experience to talk about my blog openly, to define what it means it to me, what it means to blog, to talk about life, and how people are involved in my blog. It inspired me. Mostly everything that family does inspires me. 

Let me explain the connection I have with other bloggers. They probably, most likely don't know who I am, but when I read their blog, and follow them on instagram, following along with their lives and their journeys in blogging, I feel like they are dear and near friends. Someday, I hope to meet these awesome bloggers, and to receive advice to improve my blog. 
So, later tonight, I will be purchasing the film American Blogger, and I will be watching it, and I will probably become more inspired about blogging than I already am. 

Blogging is such a great way to express yourself, and jot down thoughts, to remember the memories, and events. Blogging is a way of life. It fits me in every way possible.