Getting Ready for Prom

I am so glad I decided to go to prom! Kaylee invited me to spend the night with her and her other friend, it would be easy to get ready for prom that way. Kaylee interns at a cosmetology place in Portland, and so she knows a lot of makeup tricks, and hair tricks, which was awesome for getting ready for prom. 
On Thursday evening, my lovely sister was nice enough to paint my nails. She does such a great job doing nails, and I was so happy with how they turned out. 
I went over to Kaylee's house on Friday, and slept over. Yesterday (Saturday), we woke up at 8:30, and Kaylee's mom made us pancakes. After breakfast, we were in go-mode. We went to Fred Meyer and purchased some last minute makeup, and I decided to go with fake eye lashes. Fred Meyer sells some really great quality fake eye lashes for cheap. When I went to Target, the eye lashes looked very thick, and obnoxious, and they were so expensive. So I bought some thinner eye lashes for $4! I was very excited. 
We went back home, and immediately started on hair and makeup.
We did our base makeup, and Kaylee's friend, Jaclynn started on my hair. I figured it would take two hours to do my hair, but it probably only took one hour to curl it and for Kaylee to put it up. She put it in a side pony tail, and put some twisty barrettes in my hair and a pretty hair comb in my side pony tail. I was so happy with how she did my hair. 
Next was eye makeup. Kaylee did such a great job putting on my eye lashes and doing my eye shadow, she did a beautiful smokey eye on me, and thick eye liner. I did my mascara on my falsies, and touched it up a bit. I added my jewelry that my Grandma Biggs let me borrow, and it put the whole look together. 
I felt bad that I could not help Kaylee and Jaclynn with getting ready, I don't hold the same skills that they do. I wish I did though. While they were getting ready, they told me to go try on the dresses. I brought both my dress and Kaylee's dress that she let me borrow. I first tried on Kaylee's dress. I put it on, and with me all dolled up, I felt amazing! I looked beautiful, and I knew that this was the dress I should wear for prom. I went into Kaylee's room and showed them, and they were wowed. They really liked the dress on me. I went back into the bathroom, and tried on my own dress, and it did not have the same effect. It was there and then that I decided to wear Kaylee's dress that she let me borrow, it was beautiful! The color was beautiful on me, and I felt great in the dress. 
I am so in love with my shoes, they went really well with the dress.
I went back into my comfy clothes, and waited till the other girls were ready. We decided to put on our dresses and wait for pictures. 

After the pictures, we would be off to our Senior Prom.