Barefoot Jewelry by Steve Gummow

An amazing thing happened to me a few weeks ago, an amazing step in putting my blog out there, guys... People know my blog! People are seeing it, and contacting me, and saying they love my blog! A few weeks ago, I received an email from a man, his name is Steve Gummow and he said that he stumbled upon my blog and he looked through it, and loved it. He told me that he has a business, a barefoot jewelry business. Barefoot jewelry is a new trend for those who like to open up sandals (flip-flops) or those who like to walk around in their bare feet. Barefoot jewelry dresses up your feet and makes them look cute, and unique. Well, this e-mail from Steve made me smile, he sent me a free pair of barefoot jewelry, of my choice so I can share his new business with the internet world. 
I love wearing mine! I picked out the Gladiator jewelry. 
I have worn them out in public with sandals on at the grocery store to become comfortable wearing them out in public, but I love them! They are great, and I have received many compliments already. 
SG Designs Ltd is in Rockton, Illinois. I love the fact that the barefoot jewelry is made in the USA. 
It means that the product is great quality. It even says that on his business card!
"Quality Jewelry made in the USA".
Did the jewelry look to be leather to you at first? They are metal! I love that! My gladiators will last forever! 
Also when I wear these, it gives me an excuse to give myself a pedicure. :)
Go check out Steve's site, and check out his jewelry! He has many different designs in his gallery, and with Summer coming up, it would be fun to spruce up some plain flip flips with some cute barefoot jewelry. 
Thank you Steve for this awesome opportunity! I love my Gladiators, and thank you for working with me!
Steve's site: SG Designs Ltd
Steve's Facebook Page: SG Designs Ltd-fb.


  1. WOW!! you look absolutely smashing in the gladiator foot jewelry Courtney!! it is so you!! "barefoot "N" jeans" & your barefoot jewelry!! brilliant!!


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