All Bloggers Have A Story

After watching the American Blogger film, I am proud that I blog. I was proud of my blog before, but I did not have the gusto that I have now, just minutes after viewing the film. Chris Wiegand did such a great job with this film, the people he met during this journey, and the messages that those bloggers shared were so inspiring. Your blog does not have to be perfect, but if you are going to have a blog, it should represent you, and who you are. I feel that my blog does a good job of representing me, and my posts tell a story, little snippets of my life. 

For a while, I wanted to change my blog. I wanted to change the name, the design, everything. I wanted it different, and when I talked to my mom, and some friends about it, they all told me that I should not change my blog, because Barefoot in Blue Jeans is who I am. Barefoot in Blue Jeans represents me, and it describes who I am, I already have a background with Barefoot in Blue Jeans, and I don't want to lose that. So, I decided to keep Barefoot in Blue Jeans, and I am so glad that I did because my blog is awesome. Every blog is awesome, it is awesome because of the work, and time you put into it, and it is awesome because you make your blog a part of your life style, so you have a blogger's life style. 
I'm pretty proud of this blog, it is almost three years old. It has grown so much, and changed with me. I am proud to call Barefoot in Blue Jeans my blog. 
The bloggers in the film explained it so well. I found myself connecting with the bloggers that were on the screen, I knew most of them already from the very beginning of my blog, when I was looking for blogs to follow. They gave some amazing advice, I will cherish it and use it always. The American Blogger film was so inspiring, and it really made me proud that I am a blogger, it made me excited to see where my blog will take me, and maybe someday, I will be on one of the American Blogger films in the series, who knows? 

Watching this film also made me want to work harder on my blog. I want to blog more often, and I want to get a better camera so my pictures look awesome on my blog. This was really very eye opening. During the film, I laughed, I cried, and I nodded my head in agreement with a lot of the things that were said. There was one scene when Casey Wiegand was taking a picture of her children in the snow, and she said that she now had to edit the picture and then she would put it on Instagram. I nodded and smiled in agreement, I do that all the time. I can't remember all of the things that I agreed with, but I remember there were a lot, and I also remember thinking that I blog for those same reasons, or that I have done that myself in the past with a blog post. 

After watching that awesome film, I want to meet each and every one of those bloggers, those awesome ladies who have stories to tell, and I find ordinary people more interesting than celebrities, and they actually talked about that, how ordinary people find ordinary people to be so extraordinary. That is what really grabbed me. 

I hope when non-bloggers watch this film, they will realize what blogging is about. It is far more than just writing an online diary, it is sharing with the world, and connecting with the world, meeting new people, becoming a part of the blogging community, and having this blog to keep forever, to look back and see the beautiful, or sad moments in your life, and the milestones that you have crossed over, or the way you have improved in your life. With a blog, you can see all of that and be reminded of that. 

So, all bloggers have a story to tell, and if you sit down and start reading a blog, and you like what you read, so you keep reading it, you are now connected with that story and that blogger. It's what I love about blogging. 
To purchase the movie, visit the AB website: American Blogger