The Body Shop: Seaweed Mattifying Lotion

I am not a fan of a shiny face throughout the day. It is annoying to look oily and shiny, and to have to wipe off my face. I have found a simple solution to this nuisance. I was recently at The Body Shop, and I purchased a fabulous product, the Seaweed Mattifying Lotion, it helps reduce the shine on your face, and keeps your makeup looking just as fresh as when it is was first put on. 
To show you how awesome this product is, I took a picture right after I put my makeup on, and then later after I got home from being Downtown all afternoon. I woke up at about 9:00 this morning, and washed my face, put on my moisturizer, and put the mattifying lotion on top of my moisturizer, and put on my makeup. 
Here is right after I put my makeup on, my makeup is fresh.
And after almost 8 hours of having my makeup on, and going through my day, still fresh.
This product is great! It actually keeps the shine away, and it works! 
I am always worried that my face is shiny at the end of the day, but not anymore, because I have the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream, and it actually works. 
Visit The Body Shop's website to peruse the rest of the Seaweed product line.