Thank You April!

It has been such a long time since my family has seen April from April's Homemaking, and last Wednesday, we saw her! She came over for lunch, and it was so lovely to see her. My mom and April have been friends since they were children, and since we live far apart from each other, my mom wanted April over to catch up. It was special seeing a friend that we have not seen in so long. I was sad I had to leave in the middle of her stay, but so glad I came home in time to say good bye to her. April is a wonderful person, she loves to give and she loves birthdays. April brought a sweet gift for my sister and me, I had actually seen these on Pinterest, pinned them, and wanted them. I kept seeing them on Pinterest, and wanting to pin them, but it said that I already pinned them, that is how much I loved this item. I wanted to keep pinning them. April brought us these beautiful, wooden, colored pencils and an environmentally friendly notebook. In addition, April brought a magazine called Artful Blogging, and it contains some lovely blogging techniques that I cannot wait to try. 
Her gifts are always so neat! Thank you April! These are wonderful, and perfect. 
After April left, and after I opened the gift, I was so excited over the gift and my mom laughed, she said that I was a "mini April". I totally agree, but I am myself. I am Courtney with strong April tendencies. 
I am so excited to use the journal, and the colored pencils, I want to fill the journal with pretty sketches or photos, I don't want to waste the paper on doodles. 
Thank you so much, April! It was so great to see you, and I hope our families can get together soon. 
Your gift was so sweet, and thoughtful, I love it!


  1. Thank you Courtney! I am so glad you enjoyed your gift. :) I really loved spending the day catching up with you all, we definitely have to get together again soon! :)


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