¿Por Que No? Taqueria

My Grandma Biggs told me about this one little, Mexican restaurant, and when she drove past it, or would go by the restaurant, there would always be a line out the door. On our outing on Thursday, we decided to go to ¿Por Que No? Taqueria, and there was a line! If there is a line trailing outside the door, then the place must have great food. 
I only wish I captured a picture of the line outside the door, but I took this picture after we were done eating, and when the rain started to pour. 
When we entered the small building, the environment was like a fiesta! 
Their decor was really neat, and gave off happy vibes. Everyone there was in such a good mood, even the people behind the counter were smiling. 
It was busy, and fun, and so friendly. There was a waitress who went down the line of people and asked them if she could get them started with drinks. I really liked that, they care about their customers and want to get them started quickly. It was a very busy place, so my Grandma and I found a place at the counter to sit. I liked the fact that they shied away from the all-too-familiar beef taco. They had chicken, fish, and pork tacos. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and order a Pescado Taco, which is a taco in a handmade tortilla, with cilantro, a lime, and some amazing Alaskan cod, it has cabbage, salsa verde, onion, and topped off with pineapple. Oh my goodness, it was delicious! All of the tacos, except for one are all under $4. They are so reasonably priced. 
I will definitely come back and bring the rest of my family. 
This little taqueria is perfect, and has great food. 
To browse the menu and to learn more about ¿Por Que No?, visit their site! ---> Porque No? Tacos.
Don't bother with Taco Bell, go to Porque No!