Nail Couture

I am a girly girl, and I like to have color on my nails. I see all these beautiful nail polishes on pinterest and at the stores, and I love all the colors (except neon, that is much too bold). I always ask my mom, or a friend if the color is too bold for me. The answer is always "no", which is great because I do need more color in my life. I don't wear a lot of colors, and I would like to change that. 

I have already, previously blogged about my Julep nail polish that I received for free. I wanted to do a review on them. 
These colors are so pretty on my nails. A dark, pine green color and a rose gold color. They go on my nails smoothly, and it only takes two coats to finish the job. They dry quickly and they last a long time. With other nail polishes, they come off quickly in the shower, ruining my nails, and making them dry. With Julep nail polish, they don't come off unless I take it off with nail polish remover. They add antioxidants to my nails, and they catch the light with beautiful shine. 
I first saw Julep nail polishes on Pinterest, and I knew I would never own one, with Julep nail polishes being so expensive! $14 for each, singular nail polish. But, I received this box for free, and I am so glad that I had a chance to sample Julep nail polishes, because they are wonderful and I will definitely purchase more.
I dropped everything when my box arrived, and quickly painted my nails, that is why they are poorly painted because I was just so excited. 
This color is called Kendra. 
These are painted a little better. 
This is the rose gold color, and it is so pretty.
This color is called Margot.
So in love with these beautiful, simple colors. They can be worn with anything, on any occasion, in any season. 

Another wonderful nail polish brand is Essie. I always find a way to own Essie nail polishes and purchase them for cheap. Normally, Essie nail polishes are around $8. I find discount nail supply stores, or stores such as Marshalls, or TJ-Maxx, they sell for $4 and under, which is what nail polish is supposed to cost. 
I painted my nails yesterday morning with my new Essie, called "Butler Please". It is a beautiful, cobalt blue and I want velvet, cobalt blue wedges to match!
When I painted my nails, Essie dried very quickly. I wanted to do at least two coats, and it was hard to paint without a base coat underneath. I guess, from now on, I need to paint a base coat on underneath this Essie color. It is a beautiful color, and it is definitely not too bold. 
This color can also be worn with anything, in any season. I feel it is a great spring color, and summer color. Spring and summer is all about boldness, and color. 
In love with this color! 
Such a pretty color. 

This is not a nail polish, but it is something for your hands. It is a lovely scented lotion, and it makes my hands feel so soft. It is called Hempz, and I got the scent of Vanilla Plum. 
It is a wonderful lotion, and it helps hydrate and smooth my nails. 
Your hands work hard, and you should always take care of them. 
I love these nail polish brands. They are high nail couture.
I am proud to flaunt these beautiful colors.