My Day in Photos

Today was the last day of Spring Break.
And it was lovely.
We spent it Downtown Portland, Oregon. 
We first went to Cacao Drink Chocolate. 
 I ordered a shot of Rivoli Dark Drinking Chocolate and a pink salt caramel truffle. If you look closely, you can see the actual color of pink salt. 
Then we went to a few shops, and visited Anthropologie. 
I love looking in their kitchen wares, their mugs are so cute, and reasonably priced. I had to purchase my own pretty mug. 
This was my favorite decoration at the store today, orange slice "curtain", I am unsure as to what to call this fascinating thing. It looks easy to make. 

I loved this building
I ended the day with left over enchiladas for dinner, The Cosby Show, and some tea in my new mug.