Mall Goodies

On Wednesday, we trekked out to Clackamas Town Center, my sister and her friend wanted to go to the mall, and I decided to come along. I thought that maybe I could find a cute shirt or a maxi dress for the Summer, but the styles these days are just so outrageous, or you can't just buy a shirt alone, you have to put together a whole outfit. I gave up on trying to find clothing, so I looked to Sephora and The Body Shop as my alternatives. 

The Body Shop is usually so expensive, I don't normally purchase anything from them, but on Wednesday, they were have a sale! You could purchase three travel items for $10, or two travel items for $10, or 1 bigger item for $10. So, I went in The Body Shop and perused their baskets, and found some great products. 
I found their Camomile eye makeup remover (click HERE for the review on this product), their Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Cleanser (click HERE for the review on this product), and their Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream (click HERE for the review on this product).
I was so jazzed about my purchases, and excited to try them. These are great products, and I love that they are completely natural. 
After I looked around some more, and grabbed my free pretzel at Auntie Anne's, I decided to go check  out Sephora. I am really into trying new makeup, and new makeup techniques. I used to be so stuck in my makeup ways, and I used to not care about my makeup, but now I really do care. I care what I put on my face, and I try to find all natural, and chemical free makeup. 
Now, I am unsure if Benefit products are chemical free, but I sure do like their Pore-fessional Pore Minimizing Balm. I purchased the Pore-fessional balm at Sephora. 
(click HERE for the review on this product)
I will be doing reviews on all four products very soon. So far, I am very pleased with these products and excited to continue using them. 
It is fun shopping for beauty products, I know I like to purchase and try out new beauty products all the time. 
Here are the companies that I mentioned in the post: