Freebies, New Phone, And The Ramblings of a Student

Oh man. I haven't blogged in a month! My last blog post was about Valentine's day, and it is a month later. A lot has happened in a month. I took my SAT last Saturday, I wrote an essay over the week. I got a new phone, I got the iPhone 5c in white, and I am really into freebies, obsessively. I have been babysitting my cousins, and I recently got back into Twitter for the daily give-a-ways that some companies do. I have been finding applications for my phone that offer freebies. Busy, busy, busy. 
Well, one of the neat freebies I found was a free Julep Maven box. If you do not know what Julep is, it is a nail polish and nail care company. They also sell makeup, and bags, and mostly nail polish. I found this offer on this awesome app called "Wrapp". They offer free offers all the time, or special discounts for certain companies. I found a special offer for a free Julep Maven box. A Maven box is a box by Julep, filled with two nail polishes, and other products. They are a monthly gig, and normally cost $19.99, but I got mine for free, the only thing I had to pay for was shipping,which was $4.00. 
When it arrived, I was so excited! I dropped what I was doing to paint my nails. I ordered the "Bombshell" box. 
Last, last Sunday, we celebrated my dad's birthday. I saw my little cousin, Quincy. She is getting so big!
We were "chillin'". I love how her feet are crossed too. So cute. 
Another fun even that has happened recently was a pie baking day with my Grandma Biggs last Sunday. We made a peach pie, a berry pie, and a chocolate pudding pie. 
My Grandma Biggs loves to bake, and her pie crusts are the best. She always makes them from scratch. She taught us how to make her pie crusts and I feel proud to have made a pie all by myself. 
I made the peach pie, Brittney made the chocolate pudding pie, and my mom made a berry pie, and my Grandma made a berry pie.
This week, I had to write an essay on Hurricane Katrina. It was hard to write, made me very emotional, and the essay intimidated me. But, the first rough draft, and first essay workshop is over with, and the workshop helped. I have never done a workshop quite like that. We had to print out four copies of our essays, and we formed into groups, we were able to pick our own groups. What happens in the workshop is we read our essays out loud, while the other three people are reading along, and we look for errors or sentences that need to be fixed. They go through the essays and they mark up what needs to be fixed, and after the reading, they go through the essay again with the rubric. It was very helpful. 
During my free time, after writing essays, studying for the SAT, babysitting, and other school work, I have been browsing the web for freebies! I have discovered this awesome site, it is called Great Eats, and you input your zip code, finding restaurants near by. It does require sign up for these companies' news letters to receive the offers, but you can always cancel the news letter subscription. You get free food out of it! 
Among the freebies I gathered from Great Eats, I found a free Krispy Kreme doughnut coupon on there, so I signed myself up, and I signed my mom up, and we went and grabbed up our free Krispy Kreme doughnut today. I picked out a caramel coffee kreme doughnut, and my mom picked out a mocha kreme doughnut. These "select" doughnuts were to present their Lotta Lattes. I ordered a caramel Lotta Latte and it was delicious! Krispy Kreme has some great coffee. 
I have been absorbed in the world of freebies. 
A lot of other changes have occurred, such as the days are longer and it stays lighter longer! School seems to have become harder lately, far more intense. I also started a new clinical, it is where my mom works. Still achieving those great grades I always get. 
Coffee run at clinical during lunch hour. 
at Starbucks.
Spring break is coming up, I have a lot of blog plans for Spring break. 
That is all that has been going on during the month of no posts.