Food Share

Over the past week, I have been exploring new foods, new drinks, and new restaurants, expanding my love for food. I wanted to share this little food journey with my readers, and share the places I went to. 

Coffee is oh so important to me, even though it makes me shaky and anxious, coffee is delicious. Last Saturday, my mom and me went to Krispy Kreme because I had a coupon for free doughnuts. I decided to purchase a caramel latte from Krispy Kreme just to try, and it was delightful. 
I prefer iced lattes to hot lattes, and the creamy, cold coffee was such a treat on a summer day teaser.
What I mean by a summer day teaser is that last Saturday, the sun was shining and it made the car warm, I had to take off my jacket, I felt the sun on my skin and it was lovely. I am very tired of the cold. 
But never tired of cold lattes. 
Another delicious drink that I purchased last Sunday, a coffee bubble tea from The Best Baguette, a French-Vietnamese place on Powell Blvd. I have had bubble tea before at Braganza Bubble tea in Clackamas, so I wanted to check out The Best Baguette's bubble tea. The Best Baguette is closer to me than Clackamas, and I wanted to know if there was a great bubble near me. The Best Baguette bubble tea is pretty good, but not as amazing as Braganza's bubble tea. They taste similar, but there is something about Braganza's bubble tea that wins. I think it was because The Best Baguette's boba pearls were a little soggy and not as firm as I am used to with Braganza's bubble tea. 
I would go back and get another bubble tea. They are a tasty treat. 
My sister went with me to The Best Baguette and we split a sandwich. I thought it was pretty tasty, but my sister was not too fond of the cuisine offered there. 
I would eat there again, definitely. 
All throughout last week, I had a hankering to go to Trader Joe's for some California Rolls and wasabi. On Thursday evening, we went to Trader Joe's and I purchased a half baked half baguette, a bleu cheese and pecan dip, and goat cheese brie, along with the California rolls. 
I am a person who loves her cheeses. When I have a baguette, I need something on my baguette slices, whether it be brie or oil and vinegar, or this bleu cheese and roasted pecan dip, which I used as a spread. 
It was delicious! I enjoyed both the brie and the bleu cheese dip. 
The half baked baguette was amazing, it was so soft. I know I was supposed to finish baking it at home, but I chose to not (also, I didn't read that part on the packaging), but French baguette bread is better soft. 

I have found a great bubble tea place that is closer to home during this little, unintentional, food sampling journey. Next time I go there, I will get the green tea boba tea.