Benefit Pore-fessional

I have been having pore problems since the Summer, and I have purchased facial cleansers that help with complexion, and oils to try and remedy the issue. Nothing has worked! I recently visited Sephora and purchased a Benefit product called Pore-fessional. It is this balm that helps minimize the appearance of pores very quickly. I have been wanting to try this product out for a while, but never really wanted to spend the money. I finally purchased the product, and I really should have purchased it sooner. 
I am being brave and showing you my pore problem and comparing it to after I have used the Pore-fessional balm. My pore problem is right under my eyes, next to my nose, and above my cheeks. 
Here is before I use Pore-fessional.
And here is after:
You can barely see my pores! (or the black heads)
I put the Pore-fessional balm under and over my makeup. I find that gives the best results. 
It helps me feel confident, I feel that my pores aren't gaping open! 
I feel beautiful and confident. 
You can use this product under or over your makeup solely, but I like to use it both under and over my makeup for better coverage. I use it only in that spot under my eye and right next to my nose. 
You just pat it it on, or gently rub it on. 
I love this product! It is very light weight, and can match any skin tone. 
To learn more about benefit's other beauty products, visit their site.
When you visit their site, you will see that the Pore-fessional is one of their most popular products, and it is on the top sellers list! I am so excited to try out more of the Pore-fessional products in the line. 


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