Avocado Smoothie

I had plans for this avocado that was sitting on my counter for almost a week. At first, I was going to make avocado chocolate muffins, but I didn't have what I needed for the muffins. This morning, I woke up, and the avocado was begging to be used. I went to Pinterest for help, as I always do. I found a great recipe for a super simple, avocado smoothie. 

What I love about this smoothie is it takes four ingredients, and the color it is after it is made. 
-1 whole ripe avocado
-almond milk/dairy milk
-vanilla/plain yogurt (can be Greek yogurt)
-crushed ice (optional)
-hand blender/stand up blender

First, halve the avocado, and remove the pit. Spoon all the avocado into the blender or cup for the hand blender. Pour about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cups of milk, I used almond milk and I just visually measured. Next, spoon about 1/2 cup of yogurt into the cup and add in some crushed ice. Then, you blend it all up until smooth. Pour blended smoothie into a glass and enjoy!

I love my hand blender, it is perfect for making individual smoothies, it is also extremely easy to clean. 
There are plenty of other things you can do with the blended avocado mixture, instead of drinking it, you could freeze it and eat like soft serve, or you can make it thinner and add boba to make it a bubble tea (which is a project I want to do over the Summer). I poured it into a glass and drank it through a straw, it was scrumptious.

Speaking of avocados, I purchased some avocado oil yesterday at Walgreens. My mom's coworker told me about avocado oil, and I was interested in it, being that it is an oil, and I love oils!
So far, I have used it on my hair and my face. I will use it for a little while longer and do a full review, but I like it so far. 
After drinking the avocado smoothie, I feel awesome! It is very filling, it is practically a meal.